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  • Elvis Lester says:

    Neurocise® & “Pre-emptive Praxis”
    Now, there are multiple skills, steps & stages to the “process” of transformation on the road to learning & performance improvement of which “association”/associated experience number. In fact, association is a major component skill of my Performance Human-Engineering™ & Neurocise® models.

    ‘MindFirst’ Conditioning
    Preparing through “Pre-Emptive Praxis”
    Practice to preempt success, high performance, competence & mastery.
    Competence & Consciousness (including Unconscious Competence as threads throughout the work) extending through “STRETCHes” where the person actually constructs & creates (human-engineers) the scenarios &/or experiences required to succeed & goes & does it (Outputs desired behavior/performance) to get the learnings & feedback “into their way of being”, adding & editing, updating or upgrading their performance/experience along the way. That’s right – do it & it make it a true skill. The idea here is that when we “go & do” the performance, actually acquire the experience, we will come more intentionally from a much better level (non-spatial metaphor here), have a much more eco-logical & aligned result & reach a more optimum level or Desired State.
    Don’t forget… We take seriously making it a wonderfully “playful” experience. 

    First getting “FIRED UP” – Focused, Intentional, Resourceful, Energized, Deliberate – Uptime/Present – which describes a way of being in the world that is exceedingly empowering, driving, attractive & beneficial to set the stage for higher performance & living life more ‘full out’. Right Now! Know what I mean?!

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