Fire to Wire New Learning! Run it Now!

The obvious neural secret is that the brain fills in (what is missing) as it goes much to our surprise & sometimes to our dismay or chagrin unconsciously based on previous learning/memory (connections & associations = Structure/Neural Signature & Sub-signatures) it has already acquired.

That is what we refer to as recombinant & reentrant.

The brain recombines learning & memory it has already previously been exposed to & engaged in structurally (neuronally = neural structuring).

Dead Ends – we can’t or do not seem to be able to resolve – present us with little to no opportunity for rewiring. Neuro-Adaptive Integration

We can (& do) Set Direction & trajectory – Spin into being – what we desire – but we need to have the learning & the skills to do so. That is where Neurocise® comes into play!

If there is little to no new learning there is likely little to no real or true change (in neural connectivity – relying on established pathways). The brain recombines what it has done or activates existing connectivity (psynectics – what has been previously wired firing in response to stimuli or cues & situations that are familiar.) It does what it is “used to”.

The Law of Economy (neuro-economics) & efficiency. Investing the Energy – mental-emotional-physical-etc.

Keep learning & watching for NeuroCoaching™ with Neurocise® my friends.