Neurocise®, Hypnosis & NLP

My approach to coaching is totally about you! What do you desire to achieve or experience and how can I assist you in accessing your resources to make it happen – MindFirst! I will assist you in eliciting the right mix of states and strategies and skills – mentally-emotionally-physically and behaviorally in our sessions. You will end up with a higher motivation and a stronger commitment to “taking action now” that leads to your activating your resources in the situation or context when you need and require them.

Your first contact is a discussion about fit and whether what I do is a match for what you are seeking at this time in your life. I utilize Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – Hypnosis/NeuroTrance – Neurocise® as models and techniques that propel the coaching in the direction that is tailored to your outcomes and desired state resources.

Feel free to contact me at 813-221-5466 or email: and I will get with you right away to discuss the possibilities. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Elvis Lester, Sr.

Neurocise® Studios
Tampa, FL 33606