So, why not “show it a little love” & use what it has established as pathways to success rather than (perceived) “failure” or “problems” or pain vs. Pleasure & Positivity?!!!

Flip it up instead of going down the same old spiral of failure, negativity (vs. positivity), pain vs. pleasure, etc. Oh Yes!

Welcome the “problem” as part of the solution.

Read-Resolve-Release the not-so-good signaling & cuing making sense out of it.

Integrate what you have learned turning the in-Formation into resourceful ways of being instead of going back to the same ‘ole same ‘ole source calling it a “problem” or a dis-order.

Use your perception of the problem to cue up or trigger a positive (desired) response to what used to lead you to problem land.

Take the not-so-good & make it useful as a lead into desired state… what you want & what you are will to do to make it happen!

Integrating (& maybe dis-integrating) & then Re-engineering ways to achieve Desired State Outcomes from where you are to where you desire to be precisely.  PS => DS

Experientiality => Reality

We are truly not just talking about Neuro-Engineering™ – We are now doing it!

How to create the very neuro-architecture through soft skills (Mental-Emotional-Relational-Perceptual) – encouraging development at mind-brain-body levels.

Think about it!

Take time to Develop Your Sensory-Abilities & Your Meta-Sensory Abilities!

  • What do you want to experience?
  • What experience do you want to create?
  • What do you need to experience to be more full or whole?
  • What Experientiality is required to succeed?

NeuroCoaching™ to Come to Your Senses  

Update Your Sensory Acuity Frame     

Intentionally Use ALL of Your Senses more precisely! Neurocise each sense to develop & Enhance Your Sensory Awareness & Acuity.

Open Up – Clean Up – Tune Up – Operate more fully by…

Taking time to do so – to Develop Your Sensory-Abilities & Your Meta-Sensory Abilities

Learning how to coach yourself – your own mind-brain-body-being & its associations, resources & representations & what you have developed to date – Learnings, Memories, Responses, Anchors, & Behaviors

Using what you know & what you are used to – to trigger & cue +Powerful Associations to more productive & empowering, congruent & eco-logical ways of thinking – feeling – evaluating… & DOING